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And I feel like so much has changed. Probably because a lot has changed.

Lemme start with the basics. And then I'll tell ya what's gonna happen now.

Ahem. So to start, I am doing a lot less painting and a lot less music. In fact, I've basically stopped making music. Due to lack of creativity with a guitar that I no longer have. Just uh…don't ask. Lets just say things kinda ended badly between Lily and myself.

Secondly, Ash and Aiden and the gang are going to be appearing a lot less. I feel as though to continue doing those stories would be a bit pointless considering they are missing most of their counterparts. But have no fear. Because I will never stop writing them into your hearts and minds. Mainly because I can't exactly get them out of my mind, now can I?

On a happier note, I will still be posting my song lyrics and other poetry. That's mainly what I've been up to since last year. I've (finally) completely filled my old black composition book and have actually started on a new one. It's yellow. New color, new lyrics. I will post the old ones when I find the time. And if I ever decide to get off my ass and get a new guitar, I will most likely start performing again. So, that will be something to look forward to. I just need to convince myself to do it. I haven't played since Izzy met her unfortunate end and since Toby became completely unreasonable.

Alright, enough focusing on the past. Instead, lets focus on the past!

About a year ago (actually around the same time as my last post here), I got into this awesome game called Ingress because of two players, RoboLemur and TarascanBeauty. For those of you who have no clue what the hell Ingress is, go here cause I suck at explaining things the right way.---->…

If you do, then you'll get exactly what I'm about to start doing once I explain it. 

I will be doing journal entries at least once a week, but in a way that it will make the game feel like actual war. Yeah, I know, to some of you, that isn't cool. War sucks. That's why I'm gonna make it funny. Now, again, if you don't know what Ingress is, but you're interested in seeing me do something different for once, go look at the link. It'll tell ya everything. And if you decide you wanna play it, remember, the Enlightened want to enslave your mind. Viva la Resistance! 

Also, as a bonus, I will post the agent banners I've been making, and I welcome the chance to share any others or make a few for other agents.

Anyways. That's about it. I'm about to go play right now actually. Maybe this will be included in the journals. Maybe not. I do know that I will be using agent's names and if you come across yours, don't hesitate to give a shout out. Especially all my Kansas City players. Hagel die Führer!

Alrighty, you can stop reading my ramblings. 



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Well...I'm probably the most conceited person alive on good days...and when that happens, I am the sexiest thing to walk the earth.

Um...I might just finish this later...because I have a weakness for procrastination...

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Going in an all out METAL direction with my music, and also Chiptunes gone Bazerk (or however you spell it), almost mastered dragons in my art, Still occasionally play guitar, Going to a buttload of concerts this year, have yet to publish my 5 albums of material, Just created myself a sketchbook out of old paper and heavy duty string and cardboard front n back, Started writing 3 stories (2 already erotic as fk) Turned 17, Painted alot, made huge Poster-sized Pix of my Characters, going 2 summit tech this year-- and just so happened to stop by and say hi, and update the Bunch Of Shtuff (That I'm wide-eyed and mouth-to-floor about) I've done since last time I talked to u (which is... Too Long)
I am seen as cute to incoming freshmen girls... (went to summer school for Gym) I met a bunch of my old friends that I haven't seen in a year, I did too many things (like get Fl studio 11 free, got back on second life, went to a birthday party, have a cell phone (finally) ) and some I can't name because I ran out of room.
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